Basics of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering

by Neil Storey, Edward Hughes and Wayne Tomasi

This text has been customized from leading books in the areas of electronics, digital systems, electronic communication and radar technologies to meet the exact requirements of the Basics of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering course at the University of Calicut. It provides basic concepts, an overview of electrical engineering, knowledge about basic electronic and digital systems, and gives basic ideas about various communications systems. Communication systems are discussed based on a system-level block-diagram approach.

Topics Covered:

• Fundamentals of electrical engineering.

• Transformers.

• DC machines.

• Induction and synchronous machines.

• Amplifiers.

• Digital systems.

• Data acquisition systems.

• Basics of radio communication.

• Fundamentals of various communication systems.

Publication details: Published in India by Pearson, 484 pages.

ISBN: 978-81-317-3201-4

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