Basic Communication and Information Engineering

by Wayne Tomasi, Neil Storey, ITL ESL, Joseph J. Carr, Byron Edde & Chenming Calvin Hu

This textbook is designed as the definitive course book for undergraduate students, and provides a firm grasp of topics in the field of communication and information engineering. The content of this book has been sourced from six authoritative texts on the subject and is exactly mapped to the first-year syllabus of the Basic Communication and Information course offered by the University of Kerala. The examples, key points and exercises at the end of each chapter will aid quick understanding and ensure easy self-assessment for students.

Topics Covered:

• BJTs and MOSFETs: amplifiers and oscillators.

• Integrated circuits: analog and digital.

• IC fabrication.

• Measurements.

• Radio communications: AM, FM and television.

• Radar and navigation.

• Satellite, data, optical and cellular communcation.

• Data transmission.

• Internet technology and networking.

Publication details: Published in India by Pearson, 416 pages.

ISBN: 978-81-317-3188-8


Basic Communication and Information Engineering