Electronics: A Systems Approach, 5th Edition

The fifth edition of Electronics: A Systems Approach provides a comprehensive and fascinating introduction to this vital area of technology. It continues to use Neil Storey's well-respected systems approach, firstly explaining the overall concepts to build students' confidence and understanding, before looking at the more detailed analysis that follows. This allows the student to contextualise what the system is designed to achieve, before tackling the intricacies of the individual components. The book also offers an integrated treatment of analogue and digital electronics highlighting and exploring the common ground between the two fields. It also introduces the basics of electrical engineering, allowing the book to be used as a stand-alone text for introductory courses in both Electronics and Electrical Engineering.

This fifth edition represents a significant update and includes new material in areas such as:

• Communications systems.

• Electric motors and generators.

• The design of sequential logic circuits.

• Implementing complex gates in CMOS.

• Power dissipation in digital systems.

• Microcomputer programming and system on a chip (SOC) devices.

New 'Further Study' sections have been added at the end of each chapter, based on engaging real-world exercises.

Publication details: Published by Pearson, 852 pages.

ISBN: 978-0-273-77327-6


Electronics: A Systems Approach, 5e