Digital Systems Reference Book

Edited by B. Holdsworth and G. R. Martin

This reference book is designed to provide a comprehensive coverage of the field of digital systems in a concise but authorative form.

For ease of access to the required information, the book is divided into five parts:

• Fundamentals.

• Devices for digital systems.

• System design techniques.

• System development.

• Applications.

Each part contains several self-contained chapters, each of which has been written by an acknowledged expert from industry or academia.

I contributed a chapter to this book entitled "High Integrity Systems".

The chapter provides an introduction to key topics within the area and to their terminology. It considers the various requirements for high integrity systems such as reliability, availability, system integrity and system recovery. It then discusses the nature of faults and errors within electronic systems, and looks at various methods of fault prevention, including the use of formal methods of specification and design. It also considers the use of fault removal, fault detection and fault tolerance in the development of high integrity systems.

Publication details: Published by Butterworth-Heinemann.

ISBN: 0-7506-1008-5


Digital Systems Reference Book